Why Tauri?

Tauri is building the world’s leading SCM technology platform.

The SCM tech market is changing rapidly.

Smaller companies can now go global with the right strategy.

Industry 4.0 is upon us. That means SCM tech buyers are increasingly looking for integrated, end-to-end technology solutions. That’s why we’re working with best-in-class companies to build their solutions into a broader platform offering so they can win across global markets. 

The opportunity

The global SCM tech market is $20B and growing.

why Tauri?

The market is rapidly expanding – but so is consolidation.

Customers want broader, interoperable platform solutions.

Niche providers are at increasing risk on their own.

Global winners will offer both technology and domain expertise.

There’s a major, imminent opportunity to build a global SCM software leader.

Tauri is a different kind of company.

You’ve taken your business this far. Make sure you’ve got the right growth partner for the future.

We’re different from a private equity or VC firm. We’re full-blooded entrepreneurs who’ve built businesses – just like you. So, we’ll be there for the board meetings but we’ll also work with you to execute your growth strategy. That’s because we’re all about making smart investments – in your talent, in your product and in an integrated approach to driving the growth of your business.

We’re looking for growth-focused partners.

You’re established in SCM SaaS

If you’ve had some great client wins and positive market feedback that has you thinking about bigger opportunities, we might be a fit.

You’ve got a killer product and team

We care about the tech you’ve built and your product vision, but we’re also looking for partners here, so your executive team and culture are of primary interest too.

You’ve got proven, growing ARR

We’re focused on partnering with companies that are seeing consistent, growing ARR – and are excited to scale it way up.

You’ve got global ambitions

Global growth is built on sustainable business fundamentals – from talent to product to customer relations. And financial wins are a product of that. This is how we all need to think about it to be a good match.

What you get when you partner with Tauri.

We bring the growth capital you need

We’ve got the financial backing to acquire the best-in-class companies necessary to build a global SCM tech leader – and the capital to support your hiring, product development and operational needs. 

We provide a global G2M strategy

We’ve got the global go-to-market approach that will expand the market for your product and increase the organic growth of your business. This means you make more of a global impact, more quickly.

We know how to acquire and integrate

With our enterprise-grade offering, your business can realize inorganic growth and cross-and-up-sell inside international clients. We’ll make that happen together while building a high-performing culture that blends the best of your company with ours. 

We enable operational excellence

You’ve already proven you know your product and your customers. We build on that by helping you implement operational best practices and access the global talent and resources you need to scale your business and product around the world. 

Meet the Tauri team

We’re a team of entrepreneurs, operational experts and strategists with decades of experience building companies. We’re your global growth partners.

Ready to start a conversation?