Join the global Tauri Team.

Get in on the ground floor of a growing technology leader.

This is going to be a hell of a journey. Joining Tauri now means you’ll get to experience the creation of a global enterprise – from our early company acquisitions to our future as a market leader. This kind of rapid growth will create serious opportunities for our team members – in the work they get to do, the impact they can make, and their career growth paths. 

As Tauri grows, we’ll all be part of a highly supportive culture. This focus on support is something we take seriously. Our culture is not dog-eat-dog. It’s designed to help everyone win. So, it’ll be intense and it’ll be challenging – but it’ll also be the ride of a lifetime if you join us.

What’s it like to work at Tauri?

We’re a collaborative organization

Great collaborations are the seeds of our growth – that means collaborations between Tauri team members and across the companies that will join us in the future. We put an emphasis on how we’ll build value together because that’s the way we’ll bring our global vision to life.

We’re a learning organization

A focus on learning may seem counterintuitive to a group that’s built global companies before. But at Tauri, we’re open enough to embrace change when evidence demands it, to learn from each new member of our organization and to embrace a growth mindset in everything we do. 

We’re a mentoring organization

In a company that will be growing quickly and aggressively, mentoring and coaching will help us do our best work together each day. This commitment comes right from our senior team and extends across the organization. At Tauri, we honor each other by helping each other get better.

Our current opportunities.

We don’t have any opportunities right now. But check back here later for when we do.